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    Get Bandwidth/Throughput per session/user


    i'm using .NET adapter API, and have my MetaDataAdapter managing connected users/sessions using this methods below.

    public override void NotifyNewSession(string user, string sessionID, IDictionary clientContext)
    public override void NotifySessionClose(string sessionID)
    The question is, is it possible to get current bandwidth (Throughput (kbit/s)) per user/session inside meta data adapter? Or maybe somewhere else?
    I know there is method "GetAllowedMaxBandwidth" for getting max bandwidth, but not current.

    It is basically same thing as MonitorDemo example, but this example is general data from server.


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    Hi Milanche,

    The information on the network bandwidth used by each session is available via the JMX Management API interface, please refer here.

    So, your Adapter should connect with the service Lighstreamer JMX server to retrieve information. However the JMX Management API is only available in the "Vivace" edition of Lightstreamer (or "Presto" edition with the JMX extra feature).

    In other cases ("Moderato" or "Allegro" edition) the only option available is, as you have already noticed, retrieve the same information as the Monitor Demo does.





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