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    Provide explicit proxy settings for OSX client


    We are using light streamer OSX client in our application. We want to provide explicit proxy settings to the OSX client but looks like it is not supported by OSX SDK yet. Can you tell us if this is planned in future, if so when?

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    Vedang Purohit
    Intralinks Inc.

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    You should set a system proxy through the network settings. You cannot oveeride the system proxy settings for that application only. The Lightstreamer client internally makes use of Objective-C communication APIs, which do not support a proxy setting (as per Apple limitations, see:
    Networking Overview: Making HTTP and HTTPS Requests).

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    Thanks Alessandro. Is explicit support for proxy settings coming in a future release that we can anticipate?

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    Hello Vedang,

    support for overriding system proxy settings may come with the next major version of the client library (2.0), expected within a year.

    In the meantime, as a workaround you could use the System Configuration Framework to temporary change the system proxy settings while you app is running, and reset it to its previous values when the app quits. The System Configuration Framework can also be used to create a temporary PPP or VPN connection, if it better suits your needs.

    Hope this helps.
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