(Application created by using codeigniter php framework)&nbsp;<br>In my case, i'm using login option to view the market rates to the users. I'm storing their username, password, user agent and session id(Created by php codeigniter).<br>if the user login with same username,password,user agent and session id means nothing problem. If login with same username,password with different session id and different browser mean will ask the security code to terminate previous session,so if the use give current security code means previously opened page will be close and navigate to login page. And current session will be activate and store in database like with previous details.<br>Now everything work fine for my previous solution.<br>Previous solutionJava script set_timeout())<br>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;In this function i'm using ajax and making request to server(php), there i'm checking the current user session with with database table. If current session id with holding current username and password means will return true, else return false. If false means page will navigate to login page. This will continuously checking for every minutes.<br><br>So how to do this using Lightstreamer push, so that i can restrict to login more than one user with identical login details.<br><br><br><br>