I have been trying to use the already provided self-signed certificate for setting up SSL, using the .NET client, but without luck.

I have configured the use of https_server in lightstreamer.conf file, but both the browser and the .NET client is reporting that it does not trust the certificate (which is not that odd, since it is self-signed).

Installing the certificate in the trusted root CA certificate store, makes the browser ignore this (while setting up push.mycompany.com in the host file). However, that still does not work in the .NET client, and is definitely not the way to go.

I have been trying to bypass this on the server using the truststore element in the config file:


However, that requires that either <force_client_auth> or <use_client_auth> is enabled. I have tried that, but it does not seem to work.

Is there a quick way to get SSL working with a self-signed certificate running the .NET client?