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    Lightstreamer Deployment on UNIX 2.2.19 Apache Ver.

    Hello everyone. I'm new in lightstreamer so I just had to learn everything from the start. I read the Lightstreamer Application Tutorial and I tried to run it on a local server using windows and everything is working fine. But I don't have a further idea on how to implement it on a Web Server. I had my Web Server (UNIX 2.2.19 Apache Ver) and tried to upload some of docs tutorial to try it and when I opened the web console it says "the firexfox cannot stablished the connection". Now my question is, is it enough to just include the lightstreamer.js and require.js on a page like doing <script type="text/javascript" src = "lightstreamer.js" blah blah? Or is there any additional configuration I have to implement? to use this framework feature. I hope you support my question. Regards


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    Hi Bruce,

    I confirm you that for actual projects and production scenarios, it is strongly recommended that an external Web Server is used (because Lightstreamer is optimized for pushing real-time data, not for serving static pages).
    Actually, Lightstreamer Server contains an internal web server that is able to serve static web resources. But it is only for demo purpose and to get started with Lightstreamer development.

    By the way, in your specific case you should check that the LightstreamerClient keeps the right reference to the instance of Lightstreamer server (on your local PC or migrated on the UNIX server?).
    For further details on deployment instruction, please refer to the section 2. of this document.





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