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    Problem configuring new Moderato

    I have downloaded new LS version.
    I have followed intsructions to configure a free version: lincense file and conf file with both lincense and userId. But I am getting:
    icense not valid (7).
    24-Sep-08 15:09:09,429 |WARN |LightstreamerLogger.init |main |A proper Free License was not configured. Server starting in unregistered mode. Get your Free License from

    What am I doing wrong?

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    Sorry for the inconvenient, the upgrade of the license generator was still incomplete.
    Now the license generator is ready to generate licenses for the new version.
    In fact, any free license acquired while the previous 3.4 version of Lightstreamer was in place
    will issue the reported error if used with the new 3.5 version
    and should be replaced by acquiring a new license.

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    I got new license and it's working, thanks.



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