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    where to put the licence file?

    I am testing the lightstreamer software. Downloaded a key and a licence file. However, where should I put the licence file?

    / Jan

    I get this error:

    C:\inst\lightstreamer\Lightstreamer\bin\windows>ca ll LS.bat run Starting Lightstreamer Server...
    Please check logs for detailed information.
    22.Sep.08 13:07:36,281 < INFO> This is a trial version.
    22.Sep.08 13:07:37,078 <FATAL> Trial account expired.
    22.Sep.08 13:07:37,078 <FATAL> Can't validate the trial license System exits.
    Press any key to continue . . .

    / Jan

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    The reported error is from the Allegro/Presto/Vivace version of the Server, which supports trial (i.e. evaluation) licenses.
    Expired trial licenses can be restored by asking (as you did).

    If you have downloaded a license file for the free Moderato version, note that you also have to download the software package for the Moderato version and follow the instructions in the included GETTING_STARTED.TXT to make it work.



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