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    Load balancing and .NET client

    We have a lightstreamer .NET client that subscribes to multiple items, and all items continuously push data back from adapter to the client. When LS adapter fails, my client onFailure method is called, and client can handle that event.

    I am looking to add load balancer (F5) and have it route requests to different instances of LS and LS adapters. Having a single connection in the client, is it possible that the requests would be routed to different Data Adapter instances from the same client? And if yes, and that instance fails, how is my .NET LS client will be notified that some of the requests will stop being serviced?

    Also, if I have a load balancer, Will the keep a tcp connection to Load Balancer? Will it manage connection to all the LS servers that service outstanding subscribtions?

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    Assuming you are running an Allegro/Presto/Vivace edition, I notify you, just in case, of the
    The clustering is based on the allocation of single streaming sessions on one of the available Lightstreamer Server instance, hence a single client session cannot get data from different Data Adapter instances.

    As a consequence, in terms of tcp connections, each streaming connection is issued to the load balancer and entirely forwarded to one of the Server instances.
    Note that, once it has been established which Server instance is devoted to a client session, other connections related to the session may be directly issued by the client to the Server instance, depending on the configuration.
    Also note that, unless the load balancer prevents it, two different sessions opened by the same client may be forwarded to different Server instances.



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