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    Stop lightstreamer catching all javascript errors

    We're using lightstreamer and finding it quite a pain to debug client side code.

    Whenever a javascript error occurs as a response to a lightstreamer update the stack trace points at the lightstreamer code instead of the place the error actually occured.

    In firebug it crashes the browser completely if you try and debug, while in Visual Web Developer you step through the code and suddenly find yourself in incomprensible lighstreamer code when an error occurs.

    Is there anything that can be done to fix this? I'm forced back to the bad old days of alert boxes in order to debug. eeewwww!


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    Hi Pete,

    Unfortunately, full stack-trace management in JavaScript is still an open issue.

    Currently the stack trace (including the developer's exception originating code) is already displayed in our debug alerts when using Opera browser. With the release of Lightstreamer Web Client v.4.3 (due in September), the full stack trace will be logged in Firefox too. So, with this new version you may want to use Firefox when you need to debug exceptions that are currently masked when traversing our library code.




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