i setup a LightStreamer client all is working 100% fine in the web browser either desktop or mobile iOS etc but now when testing it via Android either in web browser or PhoneGap build the client is connected via HTTP-POLLING when normally it would be CONNECTED:WS-STREAMING i cannot subscribe to the stream anymore.. so i have used the setForcedTransport option (http://www.lightstreamer.com/docs/cl...orcedTransport) which works on desktop and iOS devices when i force set it to either "WS-STREAMING" or "HTTP-POLLING" but now when i force set the Android to "WS-STREAMING" please see my code snippet below it says CONNECTING for a few seconds then switches to DISCONNECTED please can you let me know what is going on?

client = new LightstreamerClient("https://domain.com","ADAPTER");             
client.connectionOptions.setConnectTimeout(10000); // this makes no difference