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    Client receiving IndexItem instead of map


    We are using the js client in COMMAND mode with the fields individually specified. On the adapter side, we are pushing the data as a map to the kernel. What is being received at the client is what appears to be an index item list, including the entire list of fields, the field name to index map and then the list of data items, similar to this:

    {"jy":1,"iy":"FLIGHTS","au":false,"ma":{"Zb":null, "sb":24,"list":["key","command","flightNum","depArptCd","formatted SchedDepartureTime","formattedBestDepartureTime"," departureGate","departureStatus","depDelay","arrAr ptCd","formattedSchedArrivalTime","formattedBestAr rivalTime","arrivalGate","arrivalStatus","arrDelay ","jeopPax","incopPax","impactPax","totalPax","run Status","rbkPrct","oaRbkPrct","avgLtns","procTime"],"Cs":{"key":1,"command":2,"flightNum":3,"depArptCd":4,"formatte dSchedDepartureTime":5,"formattedBestDepartureTime ":6,"departureGate":7,"departureStatus":8,"depDela y":9,"arrArptCd":10,"formattedSchedArrivalTime":11 ,"formattedBestArrivalTime":12,"arrivalGate":13,"a rrivalStatus":14,"arrDelay":15,"jeopPax":16,"incop Pax":17,"impactPax":18,"totalPax":19,"runStatus":2 0,"rbkPrct":21,"oaRbkPrct":22,"avgLtns":23,"procTi me":24}},"Od":[2,1,"ZZ592120190602XYZABC","ADD","5921","XYZ","06/02 06:59 PM","06/02 06:59 PM","C32","Routine","00:00","ABC","06/02 08:23 PM","06/02 09:13 PM","A4","Routine","00:50","--","--","--","--","NEW","--","--","--","--"]}

    Is there any way to coerce the data back into the map or do we have to do that by hand on the client side?

    There is another point of confusion, as well, in that the specified index values appear to be one number off. For instance, above, we see "key" : 1, but in the Od list, the key is actually the third field (index 2). How would we reconcile that?

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    Hello Paul,

    The listener SubscriptionListener.onItemUpdate has an argument of type ItemUpdate, that you should access through the provided API. See in particular the methods getValue and forEachChangedField.

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    Thanks very much for the quick reply. I will look into those.

    Thanks again,



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