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    Unhappy Access with IP will show ER Bind unable to find engine

    hi all.

    I install LightStreamer in my local pc ,but there is a problem:

    If I access as :http://localhost:88/StockListDemo/ no problem, can see update result.

    But if I access as, it gives the alert error of "ER Bind unable to find engine".

    I never change any code, just change lightstreamer port to 88

    C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts: localhost localhost also pop up windows "ER bind unable...."

    I'm using the Moderato 3.4.8_build_1398 version,
    Thanks in advance.

    Any suggestions/thoughts on this?

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    please can you show me how you configure your PushPage and your LightstreamerEngine instances?



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