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    Master push page in iframe

    I'm using lightstreamer web client in a page that is opened in a popup window,
    It seems that lightstreamer changes the javascript reference to popup window
    so i'm not able to access document properties from the opener.
    Thus, i decided to put a push master page in iframe located in the popup window.
    It works fine , but now i need to call from parent document some sort of unsubscription method in ls engine (i.e lsPage.removeTable)
    which is located in a iframe. Every time i do that im getting an AccessDenied Exception.
    Any hints?

    Best Regards

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    I'm not sure I understand the description, but I try with the simplest answer, which involves domain restrictions.
    Consider that Lightstreamer push-pages need to set the document.domain property in order to communicate with Lightstreamer-Server-generated pages.
    See the setDomain documentation for details.
    Hence, the opener page needs to perform the same document.domain setting in order to communicate with the push-page.



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