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    Cool XSLT integration

    hi everyone,

    i'm wondering how to perform browser side XSL transformation on pushed data from lightstreamer since they are not DOM based. could anyone suggest? thanks in advance !!


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    Hi Richard,

    You can push any kind of strings with Lightstreamer. In your case, you might want your Data Adapter to push XML strings. On the client side, you will use a NonVisualTable to receive such strings. Then, you will use a JS toolkit for XSLT to transform your XML string into an HTML string. Finally, you will visualize the HTML string through innerHTML.

    As an alternative, to avoid the direct use of innerHTML, you can leverage an OverwriteTable (or another VisualTable) instead of a NonVisualTable. Then you will use the onChangingValues callback to make the string transformation. The resulting string will be directly displayed inside the cell you created. If such string is HTML, make sure you called setPushedHtmlEnabled(true).

    AjaxPatterns has a good explanation of browser-side XSLT (even if not directly related to Lightstreamer):




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