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    subscription came to late


    I'm getting an error message when using a helloworld example modified adapter on the ipod touch.

    When it detects streaming has commenced it request an initial update (via a fake subscription) which does the initial page update.

    This works fine... most of the time..

    Sometimes I get a java error in the lightstreamer command box that says subscription came to late. This happens about 1 in every 10 refreshes.

    This does not occur if I use Safari on a normal pc (was able to do refresh, page update etc 50 times in a row).

    Is the ipod touch just being too slow to load up sometimes? Is there any way of increasing the time which the lightstreamer aportions for subs to come in?

    Here is the specific error message

    28.May.08 13:06:50,852 <ERROR> Exception caught while subscribing to item 'INIT1
    211944004139' ption: Subscribe request come
    too late
    at rProtocol.readSubsc
    at rovider$1.onReplyRe
    at com.lightstreamer.adapters.remote.request_reply.Re questSender.onNotif
    at com.lightstreamer.adapters.remote.request_reply.No tifyReceiver.onNoti
    at com.lightstreamer.adapters.remote.request_reply.No

    Thanks in advance


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    The message is issued by the Remote .NET Server when it receives (from the Proxy Adapter on Lightstreamer Server) a subscribe request and an unsubscribe request for the same item in sequence, in such a way that the unsubscribe request comes even before the subscribe request has been dispatched to the Remote Adapter.
    Maybe, the requests were queued because of a previous subscribe-unsubscribe pair.

    As you say you use a "fake subscription", do you unsubscribe the item immediately after it is subscribed?
    Anyway, it is not clear how this could be related to a slow client (if we understand well, you are running your client on the ipod touch and Lightstreamer Server and the Remote Adapter on a normal host; may you please confirm?)
    I assume that as long as the client is not receiving any data, the fake subscription is kept active by the client, hence no unsubscription can take place on the Remote Server.
    Only a log from Lightstreamer Server, configured with the "LightstreamerLogger.subscriptions" category as DEBUG, could help us clarify things.



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