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    sendMessage in .net


    I am trying to do the following.

    When user clicks on a button at the client end, its sends a notification to the server which then performs a task, be it either send specific information back to the client or running an external routine.

    I have read many messages on the forums and the method I think that is most appropriate is sendMessage, as I'm not concerned about receiving a direct reply, I just want to tell the server something.

    However. I can't work out how to implement it.

    What I have done so far is.

    Recreate the stocklistdemo example (in c#) using the supplied demo files and this compiles and runs. I can alter some of the stock names and these changes come through, so I know its using my versions of the .dlls

    I have recreated all three components (data adapter, meta adatper and launching executable).

    I have placed a notifyusermessage routine in my metadapter, and a sendmessage command in my web client. But I don't think its working

    Is there any specific examples (.net) of this in action?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Unfortunately, no example of using "notifyusermessage" from a .NET Adapter is available. Some examples for java adapters are planned for the next release.
    Can you see that your "notifyusermessage" implementation method is invoked upon calling "sendMessage" on the client side?

    If you can see that, then nothing more can be provided by LS libraries.
    Note that if the received message is supposed to affect the data flow, then some communication from the Metadata Adapter to the Data Adapter is needed. This may be a problem if your adapters are deployed in different processes. However, you are using a custom launching executable, where you instantiate your adapters; hence, you can make them communicate in a direct way.

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    Thanks for the reply, I managed to get it working through the fake subscription method instead that was mentioned in the forums.




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