We just migrated our servers from windows to linux boxes (Red Hat) and had the domain changed. And there were glitches in making Lightstreamer to work properly.
LS Server resides in the same server with the Webserver(ApacheTomcat). Previous to the migration, everything worked perfectly.
The problem is that derivatives of the master push-page (its children's push-pages) are not able to "seekEngine" of the master push-page engine.
The data streaming of the main page -which the master engine resides- works smoothly. As we open some other windows, which has reference to the masterEngine, they lost the streaming. (Alert: Unable to find the engine...).

Does it have anything to do with Linux case-sensitiveness in configuring the push-page?
Or does it have to with the domain changes? (However, the connection property and the domain context of the master push-page and its derivatives, are the same)

// Main Page master push-page & master engine
var lsPage = new PushPage();
lsPage.context.setDomain("<fmt:message key="LS.Domain"/>");
lsPage.onEngineCreation = startEngine;
lsPage.createEngine("RTEngine", "LS/","SHARE_SESSION");
function startEngine(eng) {
	eng.policy.setMaxBandwidth(<fmt:message key="LS.MaxBandwidth"/>);
	eng.policy.setIdleTimeout(<fmt:message key="LS.IdleTimeout"/>);
	eng.policy.setPollingInterval(<fmt:message key="LS.PollingInterval"/>);
	eng.connection.setLSHost("<fmt:message key="LS.Host"/>");
	eng.connection.setLSPort(<fmt:message key="LS.Port"/>);
	eng.connection.setAdapterName("<fmt:message key="LS.Adapter"/>");
	eng.changeStatus("<fmt:message key="LS.Status"/>");

// Derivative (pop-up) window 
var lsPage = new PushPage();
var txtDomain = "<fmt:message key="LS.Domain"/>";
var debugAlerts = true;
var remoteAlerts = false;
var pushHost =null;
if (location.href.indexOf(txtDomain) > -1) {
	debugAlerts = false;
	remoteAlerts = true;
else {
lsPage.onClientError = function(mex) {  
     alert("Page "+getPageHeading()+"\n"+mex);  
lsPage.seekEngine("RTEngine", self.parent);

Thanks in advance for the help.