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    Need to setup a local demo

    I need to set up a local demo (on my salesperson's Linux+Windows laptop)
    - local install/version of the Stock List Demo WITH CUSTOM DATA -
    what is the best way to go about this ? how long will it take?

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    The easiest way is to install Lightstreamer Server and see the pre-installed Stock List Demo work (5 minutes).
    Then, you will need to change the provided Data Adapter (both Java and .NET source code are included in the distribution) to replace the random generator with your feed. This means you need a Java or .NET developer. The complexity depends on your feed's APIs.

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    How to make changes in Silverlight index.html page to work with the Externel Server

    Dear LightStreamer Team!

    I have developed application in Silverlight and i am using my machine local IIS (6.0) as my external Webserver i have made a new adapter and have placed it in the Lighstreamer's Adapter Folder now i have started the Lighstreamer Server and access my application from the localhost with the application name and the index.html page kindly can any one tell me that what changes i have to made in the index page in order to make the lighstreamer connected to it i have Lightstreamer and Webserver on the same machine so i have made changes in the host file (Web Server) (Lightstreamer Server)

    I have also pasted the Commons and Demos folder in my Webserver and i have placed my new application in the demos folder i made changes in the index.html by seeing the built-in lightstreamer Silverlight demo application i am also attaching my index.html kindly see that my changes are correct and if not please update my index.html file.

    Thanking you in anticipation,


    Fayyaz Shahid
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    I see that you are running both the web server and Lightstreamer Server on the same host, though by using different hostnames.
    Then, you should ensure that Lightstreamer Server is accessed through the proper port,
    which may not be port 80, which is usually devoted to the web server.

    As long as you use the provided Silverlight Demo,
    you can configure the demo to use the correct port through the initparams argument in index.html.
    For instance, if Lightstreamer Server is configured for port 8080, you should extend the initparams value to server-url=



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