Hi All

I would like to use the DynaMetapushTable to manage live data, however when the 1st user hits the Lightstreamer page, I would like for the table to be built from the database rather than asking the data adapter for the snapshot of the data at any given point in time.

So if the table is prebuilt from the database with say for example 10 rows identified by 1-10 if an update hits Lightsreamer for any of these keys (1-10) then the existing data in the table should be updated.

However if the update hits Lightstreamer with a key being 11 for example (or any other key not already in the table) then a row should be added to the table. As I have no guarantee on the maximum amount of rows due to the nature of the data.

It seems that this functionality is a bit of a cross between the MetapushTable and the DynaMetapushTable, however I would prefer to use the DynaMetapushTable as it's easier to manage row additions.

So am I able to achieve this functionality using the DynaMetapushTable?

Thank you in advance.