Hi all,

We are evaluating Lightstreamer product for stock streaming and I have the following issues:

1) I made an adapter which reads the stock data from an io stream (file/socket) and it works

2) I made a meta adapter which does the following:
- Client (in my case I use the java client for testing and use ExtendedTable/SimpleTable) subscribes to two items named "List.1" and List.2". These are not stock items, but aliases to multiple stock items
- When getItem gets invoked in the meta adapter, it uses the "user" and a property file to return an array of stock items. For instance, in the file, I have :
user.stocklist.List.1=item1 item2 item3
user.stocklist.List.2=item4 item5
- The reason for this is to allow the end-user subscribe to stock items and have lightstreamer keep the list at the backend-side.

3) In the logging from the adapter, lightstreamer does indeed subscribe each returned stockitem to the data adapter. For instance:

= MetaProvider.getItems(): user=_default_ - id=List.2 - items=2290 4040 4061
= StockDataAdapter.subscribe(): itemName=2290
= StockDataAdapter.subscribe(): itemName=4040
= StockDataAdapter.subscribe(): itemName=4061

4) However, the client does not know how to handle it (either using ExtendedTable.subscribeTable or subscribeItems). Whenever onUpdate gets invoked, it seems to expect an item named "List.1" or "List.2". The client fails with "Wrong Item Number".

5) So I modified ExtendedTableInfo to get rid of the exception, and now it runs but without much success anyway. The client displays:

= update for List.1: {bid_quantity=3641}
= update for List.1: {ask_quantity=9959}
= update for List.2: {ask_quantity=9959}
= update for List.1: {bid_quantity=6913}
= update for List.1: {ask_quantity=10037}

When I expect it to return item1,2,3,etc instead of List.1 or List.2

6) However, SimpleTableInfo seems to provide better results but the listener.onUpdate does not give me the itemName as returned by the data adapter, but gives me an item Number which I don't know to which stock it relates to...

=> So I am a bit confused. It seems as if the client must know all the items it needs to subscribe to and cannot simply specify an alias which would be resolved by the backend and return a dynamic list of items.

=> Also, I could not find a way to know the number of items effectively subscriber by the adapter or meta adapter given an input item which is an alias (List.1 or List.2). I need this to create the right number of table rows in the client gui (java or HTML).

Any hint is highly appreciated.