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    Unhappy Updates lost (never reach the client)

    I am streaming new trade actions to update a trade actions feed. It seemed to be working wonders.

    However, I realised that many times the updates never reach the client e.g. there are 6 new trade actions but 3 (it varies) notifications.

    Why would lightstreamer do this? Is there any option that needs to be set for me to have the client receiving all notifications for all updates?

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    Hi Fabricio,

    Could you please give us more details about the specific JavaScript client library and subscription mode are you using? Furthermore, is it possible to show us a code example to improve our understanding of the issues (if any) you are facing?
    Anyway, here you can get more information on how Lightstreamer proposes its own approach to guaranteed delivery.

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    I am looking now into a windows service that seems to purposely only pick a random subset of the stuff that I thought it was supposed to do. So I am yet to confirm, but I guess this one is not related to LightStreamer at all.

    Thank you for the link. I'll have a read through it still. Since this is not related to LightStreamer, feel free to delete then. Thanks!



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