Hi, i am trying to evaluate your product to see if it fits to our necessities. I have followed some of the tutorials and examples, finding them very useful and interesting.

I though i was prepared for a next step, but it seems i am even more newbie than i though.

The thing is that we use the XAMPP package, with the Apache and MySQL database in it. I have changed the ports, making Apache work in the 80, and Lightstreamer in 8080, as always MySQL works in 3306. I have tried, modifying the "helloworld" example to connect to tha data base, cause what we want is to publish the data each time other application changes it. I've made also the adapters... etc... just trying to modify what is in the tutorials, but connecting to my database, and gathering the data from there.

But, it doesn't work, the page shows the message of "loading" and never shows the data. So how can i connect my site, hosted in lighstreamer, to a MySQL data base hosted in Apache? We really don't care if the site is hosted in one or the other server... just to be connected to the data base, and updated constantly.

If you have any examples about this that i have missed, please, forgive me and redirect me to them. Otherwise, could you help me? Thank you in advance.