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    Hundreds of Ajax request per second on our website


    I have run into an issue using your product that I am hoping you will be able to shed some light on for me.

    What I am noticing on my server, is that there are over 300 ajax request being made every second. Is this an unchangeable part of Light streamer, or are we able keep the connection persistent so it doesn't constantly make calls? The reason we are trying to narrow this down is lightstreamer uses up to 75% of the CPU at times on the client side, and we are trying to make it as light weight as possible. It would be good if we could transition the code from ajax GET request to something that will make the server push the contents rather than constant pulling requests from client side.

    Does lightstreamer have any type of solution that would meet our needs in this regard?

    Thanks in advance!

    Daniel Mihalko

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    Hi Daniel,

    Lightstreamer uses several Web protocols: WebSockets, Comet, HTTP streaming, etc. to provide a channel over which data can be exchanged in real-time with a client.
    It first tries to use WebSockets; if it's not able to establish a WebSocket connection, for instance if the client or browser doesn't support websockets, it tries HTTP Streaming.
    If also HTTP Streaming doesn't work, due for instance to some anti-viruses mounted on proxy server, it falls back to HTTP Polling (you may find more details looking at ' Lightstreamer Slides: From Push Technology to the Real-Time Web' [ ]).
    So the first think to do is to understand in which way the server is connecting to the client. But in order to better understand your issue, we need more details: first of all which client version you are using, your deploy environment, if there are any proxies or load balancers in between the server and the clients.
    A log file from the server, with possibly only one client connected, will provide a more deep inside view of how connections are handled.
    If, also with an improved connection, the client still has problems dealing with a hight rate of messages, then you may act on the maximum frequency for a given subscription, to reduce the number of updates sent by the serve to a client. But first let see how the server connects to the client.





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