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    Question Javascript example needed: func to sub and unsub to an item + func called on new data


    Im new to LS, so far it looks very exiting. Having completed the hallo world, I have the below very basic requests, as I prefer to put all in black-box functions with input and output:

    All using a 2 dimensional array. The array can be of fixed size, ie 100 rows with 4 columns.

    0) A function or code snippet which initiates LS;

    1) A function or code snippet which subscribes to a parameter ( a new row in the 2D array ), for example called with;
    function Subscribe( item_name, row,column);

    2) A function or code snippet which is called each time a value in the array has changed / a new value has been received, for example called with;
    function OnReceive( row,column);

    This is very much appreciated.
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    I would suggest to go through our demos and see if there is something resembling your use case:

    I think your case is somewhat similar to what is done here:
    The handle on the right commands subscriptions and unsubscriptions

    On the other hand, if subscriptions and unsubscriptions have to be commanded by the adapter itself you may look at thius one:





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