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    Post .NET Selector Examples

    I was wondering if there was any examples of how to implement a subscription to a table that has a selector? What is required for both the client and server (data adapter)? Also, it appears that no matter what mode I select (RAW, MERGED, DISTINCT), I still receive updates at the client that have "UNCHANGED" for some elements. Why is this so? Is there a way to push all data regardless if it has changed across pushes?


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    Client-side you just need to add the desired selector to your table. In example, add a selector to a javascript (sorry I have no experience on the .NET side btw it will not differ a lot) table is made with one line of code:
    myTable.setSelector("This is my selector");
    Server-side you must implement the selector's logic inside the metadata adapter.
    You must develop your own MetaDataProvider and implement both isSelectorAllowed and isSelected methods.
    The first method will decide if a specified selector is allowed for the specified user on the specfied item, while the second method lets you filter updates on a selector-basis.

    Hope that helps,



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