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    Question How to set max Frequency Per Item=4 ?

    Hi ,
    I am using LS Vivace edition and in this I want to set max Frequency per Item(updates/sec) to 4, where can I set this.

    And one more thing in .net adapter of LS server there is one .bat file (Lightstreamer\Lightstreamer\DOCS-SDKs\sdk_adapter_dotnet\examples\DotNetStockListDe mo\Deployment\Deployment_DotNet_Server) called DotNetServers.bat it contains a field called max_frequency which was set to max_frequency=3, What it means?

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    Hello Indrajit,

    I think I've already answered to your first question.

    About the max_frequency in the .bat file, it is passed to the metadata adapter and returned on a GetAllowedMaxBandwidth call. You can see it in the LiteralBasedProvider.cs file under LS_HOME/DOCS-SDKs/sdk_adapter_dotnet/examples/DotNetStockListDemo/src_metadata_adapter
    You can find more details on the GetAllowedMaxBandwith method here.



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