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Thread: Memory Leaks

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    Memory Leaks


    Are you aware of issues with Lightstreamer leaking memory in Firefox and IE? There has been alot of publicity lately with the advent of JavaScript heavy sites causing IE to leak, especially if event handlers are not garbage collected properly when no longer required. We have found that Lightstreamer leaks in Firefox. Are you investigating this issue for the next web client release? Is there anything we can do when initialising and integrating Lighstreamer to reduce the leak effects?


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    About IE:
    if you're talking about the issues described here you can stand still we've taken care of that.

    About FX:
    We don't know about any leak on Firefox. Probably what you are seeing is the growing of memory usage due the fetching of data. If you observe a bit longer the memory usage (could be a very long bit depending on server configuration/update frequency) you will see how periodically memory is released. This happens when the content-length of the streaming connection is reached. Please take a look at server configuration where you can change the content-length setting and so let memory to be released sooner or later as you like.

    Here is a snippet from server's config file with a small content-length:
    Hope that helps.



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