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    implementation of lightstreamer for a quiz contest

    Hello Guys,

    I am looking for using lightstreamer solution to have a quiz contest where admin will push questions on clients browsers.

    I was able to send data to client similiar to helloworld example but not able to send fields based on question type and get the answer.
    i am using java adapter and mysql database.

    please let me know if I am miss something.

    "I am new to java. I have knowledge of php and mysql."

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    Hi Sameer,

    I confirm you that Lightstreamer is a perfectly suited solution for the scenario of a quiz contest.

    You can look at the Simple Chat Demo or at the Basic Instant Messenger Demo for examples of bi-directional comunication from server to clients and from clients to server.
    They are both based on a Java Adapter and can be considered a reference example of, respectively: messages broadcast and one-to-one messaging.

    Furthermore, here you can find a modified HelloWorldDataAdapter that polls a mySql db.




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