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    Connection stalled for too long

    i have an iphone app that subscribes the client to 3 streams
    all are of type COMMAND

    in the app they are subscribed one after the other
    most of the time all works well
    but since yesterday i keep getting this error when i subscribe the 3rd stream (while the first two keep being subscribe succesfully)

    i cant find the reason for this error:
    Failure connecting to lightstreamer: Lightstreamer connection exception (reason: 'Connection stalled for too long')

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    Hello Matan,

    as discussed with support, the problem resulted unreproducible on the client. Moreover, in the logs we couldn't find any pattern that relates the problem to subscription activity. Our hypothesis is that a network appliance, maybe a transparent or reverse proxy, is buffering streaming responses in blocks.

    To investigate further a network capture is needed. You can either do it on your side and send us the captured packets, or allow us to install the app so that we can do the capture on our network.

    Best regards,





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