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    CPU Usage Expectations


    I am wondering how much CPU I can expect to see from running lightstreamer on the client side. My current client is at %40 and I am just wanting to check and see if lightstreamer could possibly be the cause.

    Right now on my server side c# app, I have the update frequency set to this:

    Thread.Sleep(1 + rand.Next(5));

    I am not sure if the fact that I am sending so much data through could possibly be the cause, I appreciate any insight you can give me!


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    Hi Daniel,

    Please can you clarify the client technologies in use in your test (JavaScript or .NET or others)?

    If I have understood correctly, your adapter sends on average 300 updates per second, is that correct? Can you provide us an rough indication of the throughput sent to the client?
    From our experience, considering a JavaScript client, we have seen that in cases of very high frequency the main effort on the client/browser side is due to the data display in graphical components, for example in a grid.

    Please give us more details on the implementation of your client so that we can better assess the issue?





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