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    Poor performance with WebSocket Streaming when having bad latency

    Hi guys,

    We have experienced a weird behavior with the Lightstreamer and we want to hear your input.

    A few months ago we moved to a newer version in the Lightstreamer client (Javascript API) - 6.0.1 and 5.1.1 Colosseo on the server.
    Basically we moved to the new version because we wanted to take advantage on the new WebSocket Streaming integration (HTTP Streaming never worked for us).

    We were very happy with the results since WebSocket Streaming is better than HTTP Polling on all aspects (mostly performance-wise).

    Today, we investigated an issue that causes really poor performance when having bad latency to the Lightstreamer server (ping ~400).
    The problem we found is that WebSocket Streaming is doing TOO MANY roundtrips to the server when receiving the snapshot.
    It appears that the Lightstreamer protocol for WebSocket forces a roundtrip for each ~1.2kb (as oppose to HTTP-Polling that bringing almost ~20kb on each roundtrip for snapshot).

    The result of this issue is that the performance of the snapshot data is REALLY poor. It can take ~25 seconds with bad latency WHILE HTTP-Polling takes only ~4 seconds. (WebSocket Streaming is performing ~40 roundtrips and HTTP-Polling only ~3)
    To make sure this isn't a WebSocket limitation, we created our own WebSocket server (using an open-source) and sent the same data with 1-3 roundtrips and it was around 10 times faster.

    We tried to look for a solution on the Server configuration to send more data on each roundtrip and we couldn't find anything that worked.
    We tried to the following configurations that basically did nothing:

    max_outbound_frame_size (We had high hopes for this one)

    Please take a look at the attached screenshots for basic demonstration.

    We need your prompt reply on this issue it has been raised by a live customer.

    Lidan Hackmon.
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