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    horizontal scaling

    From the documentation I read "The system [LightStreamer] can scalehorizontally too by adding more boxes beyond a common web loadbalancing appliance in order to form a cluster."

    Does this imply that they only way to scale is to partition the IP to a particular server?

    Has anyone successfully horizontally scaled?

    Does light streamer have the ability to share all events between the cluster so that they can be pushed out to any client? If so, how do you configure this to happen.


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    Hi David,

    The task of sorting out the clients among the available Lightstreamer boxes in the cluster is provided by the LoadBalancer chosen. You can refer here for more details on the various scenarios.

    Yes, it is a common practice among our customers, to have in the production environment a cluster of Lightstreamer machines beyond a LoadBalancer.

    The Lightstreamer nodes in a cluster follow the share-nothing pattern. They are totally independent. It's the client subscriptions that drive the Item base handled by each server instance and in turn requested to each Data Adapter.

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    Thank you for sharing your ideas, Milano.



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