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A brand new Lightstreamer Adapters SDK for Node.js is now publicly available. It allows you to send and receive real-time messages within a Node application targeting mobile and browser-based apps. In other words, the full power of Lightstreamer is now available to Node developers, to implement the Real-Time Web in JavaScript.

A comparison benchmark between Lightstreamer and will be published in the next few weeks.

The SDK is available inside the Lighystreamer distro, downloadable from (folder "DOCS-SDKs/sdk_adapter_nodejs"). The SDKe contains the module source code, API documentation and a simple chat example. Check out the files contained in the zip to know more details about the SDK and the demo code.

You can find the Node module source code on Github:

A working example implementing a very simple chat application is available on GitHub too:

The new SDK offers an implementation of the Lightstreamer Adapters Remote Infrastructure protocol in JavaScript. This way, Lightstreamer Adapters can be implemented in JavaScript (in addition to Java and .NET) and can run inside Node.js.

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