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    lightstreamer server dev/test license

    I am testing the dev/test 4.0.1 license version of lightstreamer server. It seems to me that the server process didn't stop running after 3.5 hours of execution, however, it stopped getting updates from data adapter. what I saw was:

    ItemEventListener.update(string, IDictionary, bool)

    stopped working, what I mean here is that client stopped getting pings from lightstreamer server. I looked into the log directory of lightstreamer server and didn't find anything.

    what did I do wrong here?


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    so my question here is basically what are the limitations of dev/test license of lightstreamer server? does it only process certainly amount of request from data adapter within 24 hours? this is my guess. please clarify this. thanks!

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    The limitation is really on the Server process, which should close after 3.5 hours, after which you can start a new instance.
    Please send us to the log for a check (or did you mean that you had no log produced?).

    If you observe the scenario from a client or from a Remote Adapter, then you should see the sockets closing;
    but, actually, we cannot exclude that some actor in the middle keeps the sockets open; in that case, the socket will just become mute.




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