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    Cool how & where to see all the subscribed clients?

    the health page is useful only to see certain information. but is there anywhere to see all the subscribed client IDs and methods? I want to validate that certain clients are subscribed, but don't know how to do it! thanks!

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    Information on the current activity of the Server is available through the JMX interface.
    This is only available in the "Vivace" version of Lightstreamer; if you are using the "Moderato" version, you have to download the "Allegro/Presto/Vivace" package and run it with the preinstalled "DEMO" license.
    Then, you can configure the JMX accessibility by acting on the <jmx> block of the Server configuration file.

    I'm not sure I understand exactly what pieces of information you are looking for, but you can evaluate the user/session/item related properties in the ResourceMBean and SessionMBean (here a javadoc-style documentation).

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    Thanks for replying the message.

    basically I want to see the client info, like subscribe time, subscribe ID, subscribe method.

    the JMX interface gives me general info about the Java program but not detailed lightstreamer server info.

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    our JMX interface does not offer such info but you can gather and track it using you custom metadata adapter. See MetadataProvider
    As an example you can track subscribe time, subscribe ID and subscribe method using notifyNewTables and notifyTablesClose





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