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    How to get the time from lightstreamer server while client subcribing to the server?


    is it possible to get the time from the lightstreamer server while the client subscribe to the server. Most preferably during the onSubscription event or the client connect to the server. Thanks.


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    There isn't such a service. You have to use a dedicated item and/or field and cast the timestamp in the Data Adapter as a field value.

    In order to ensure that the timestamp is taken when the Server receives the subscription request, you should use a different item for each subscription, so that the client subscription triggers a subscribe invocation on the Data Adapter. This can be achieved easily, by requesting the same item name on all clients, but then decorating the name in a unique way by the Metadata Adapter upon each invocation of getItems().

    An alternative technique, in which a single dedicated item is needed, involves the use of "customizers", which are only available for in-process Java Adapters, though. We can expand on this, if needed.




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