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    UDP Data Adapter Feeder in .Net

    Hello all

    Can any one give me some hints on how to create a .net data adaptre that uses UDP instead of TCP

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi Mike,

    Just to clarify, do you mean to use UDP instead of TCP between the Remote .Net Data Adapter and Java Proxy Adapter or between the Remote .Net Adapter and an external feeder?

    In the first case, you should build yourself a Java inprocess Proxy Adapter and develop your customized UDP protocol. A considerable amount of work I'd say.

    In the latter case, the architecture of your Adapter should depend on the type of the external feeder, for example if this is organized in different channels or not, and what types of recovery methods are available.
    But I think that someone else already developed such an adapter and possibly will want to share his experience here.



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