We are in the process of making a final decision next week about which License of Lightstreamer to acquire. Meanwhile, I need to set up a proof of concept for my bosses who are flying in next week, of which the outcome of the demonstration to them will be the decision. Already, I have sent them links to the online examples, which have impressed them very much. They are still adamant that they need to see one which is set up on a demo that is closest to what we require, real time polls results sent to the client side.

From what I read on your forum, Lightstreamer say this is very possible yet they do not have an example that reads from a DB and transmits the value to the client-side on a realtime basis.

Now, my question is, can someone from Lightstreamer help me set up this even soonest possible, so that I can demonstrate this? All I need is a very simplified demo of a realtime display of poll results as they land in a DB.

Kindly help