First the context in which this question will be asked. I am very interested in what Lightstreamer could do with respect to "real-time" data streaming to our web page from our own database (currently we are working with Sybase and MySQL).

I have developed apps for the web using PHP, Perl, and now VB and C#. I have not had the pleasure of diving into Java yet.

I have looked at the src java files for the ReusableMetaAdapters in the trial download sdk sub folder. Obviously with my experience with the other languages, Java seems quite friendly.

However, I am still unsure of where to start in developing an adapter that will pull the table records from our database.

The "LS_Generic_Adapters_Javadoc/" files and information seem extensive in the information it provides regarding the built-in classes and methods, but unfortunatley I need a more basic pointer to instructions that say "Here is where you start->This is what you change->This is how you implement".

Thanks for any help with this. I'm definitely excited to see if this is our solution.