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    Smart polling mode benefits...

    Hi All,
    Today I run the StockListDemo using several LS servers that sit behind a load balancer device (juniper DX Accelerator ).

    As I noticed, the streaming mode has changed from "Streaming Mode" to "Smart Polling Mode". Can anybody give me some explanation as to why this situation happens ? And what are the consequences and benefits of this situations ?

    Thank you all in advance.

    best regards,Dyan Dhanisworo

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    the web client switches from streaming to smart polling mode after a timeout if no data was received from the opened streaming session.

    from :
    Stream-Sense and Smart Polling
    If a client is connected through a network infrastructure that blocks any form of streaming, then Lightstreamer is able to send the updates via a smart polling mode. The Web Client of Lightstreamer automatically detects if streaming is not supported (through the Stream-Sense feature) and in this case it switches to smart polling mode.
    Note that you can configure the smart polling behavior:

    Smart polling is also known as long-polling.
    See also:



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