I created a DynaMetapushTable and display in the page by code the following:

<tr class="lscold" id="info" height="10" source="lightstreamer">
<td nowrap height="10"><div source="lightstreamer" field="1"></div></td>
<td nowrap height="10"><div source="lightstreamer" field="3"></div></td>
.... ETC.

let's say that the page will display order requests which will updated automatically (ADD, UPDATE, DELETE).

My problem is: If i want to modify a screen table record by double-clicking the row, I could not get the row-field value which I will use as a key to retrieve the complete information from the server and displayed in screen to edit.

if you notice, in the StockListDemo webclient sample, it's use an array index value (('+i+') as a key to retrieve the complete data. IT'S NOT USE ==== openPopup(item'+i+')

document.write('<td nowrap style="text-align: left"><a href="#" onClick="return openPopup('+i+')">
<div class="stockname'+suff+'" source="lightstreamer" table="1" item="'+i+'" field="12">Loading...</div></a></td>');

Anyone can help???