I built my first application based on javascript libraries, It worked (thanks for support lightstreamer team). but in tutorial document used Java adapter. Now, I want to use .NET adapter.

Here, there are my steps :
Step 1 : I modified "adapter.xml" (in folder "C:\Lightstreamer\adapters\tutorial_demo_adapters" )

<?xml version="1.0"?>

<adapters_conf id="TUTORIAL_DEMO">

<adapter_class>com.lightstreamer.adapters.remote.m etadata.NetworkedMetadataProvider</adapter_class>

<param name="request_reply_port">6663</param>

<adapter_class>com.lightstreamer.adapters.remote.d ata.NetworkedDataProvider</adapter_class>

<param name="request_reply_port">6661</param>

<param name="notify_port">6662</param>


step 2 : copy file "ls-proxy-adapters.jar" in folder "C:\Lightstreamer\DOCS-SDKs\sdk_adapter_dotnet\examples\DotNetStockListDe mo\Deployment\Deployment_LS\StockList_sockets\lib" to "C:\Lightstreamer\adapters\tutorial_demo_adapters\ lib"

finally, in folder "C:\Lightstreamer\adapters\tutorial_demo_adapters\ lib" we have :

Step 3 : run file "Start_LS_as_Application.bat" to start LS, and then status LS server
c:\Lightstreamer\bin\windows>call LS.bat run
Starting Lightstreamer Server...
Please check logs for detailed information.
04.Dec.07 16:30:30,781 < INFO> Starting MAC address check
04.Dec.07 16:30:30,859 < INFO> Found MAC address 00:0f:b0:cd:10:6b
04.Dec.07 16:30:30,859 < INFO> Found MAC address 00:18:de:af:ea:7f
04.Dec.07 16:30:30,859 < INFO> MAC address check successful
04.Dec.07 16:30:30,859 < INFO> License correctly bound with the following parame
04.Dec.07 16:30:30,859 < INFO> Client ID : EWmtleTmXioln3OLeXzCL
04.Dec.07 16:30:30,859 < INFO> Mac Address : 00:18:de:af:ea:7f
04.Dec.07 16:30:31,125 < INFO> Lightstreamer Server starting in Moderato edition

04.Dec.07 16:30:31,265 < WARN> JMX management features not available with the cu
rrent license
04.Dec.07 16:30:31,375 < INFO> Started HTML Adaptor for JMX on port 6666
04.Dec.07 16:30:31,515 < INFO> Started JMXMP Connector for JMX on port 9999
04.Dec.07 16:30:31,546 < WARN> No users defined for Internal Monitor.
04.Dec.07 16:30:31,703 < INFO> Connecting...

step 4 : I typed http://localhost:8080/tutorial_demo/default.html

But it can't run.

What steps i wrong? Can anybody help me?