I am a newbie and I have gone through the test stuff and I think (hope) I understand what's going on. I am now looking to do something clever.

What I am looking to do is the following:
Currently we have a lightstreamer feed hanging off a gigaspace and updates a webpage accordingly (the code implements DataProvider). What I am looking to do is push the data into the lightstreamer engine via a socket, rather than via the cache.

Currently. OurStuff -----> GigaSpace Cache <----LightStreamer --->webpage
Desired OurStuff -------------------------------> LightStreamer --->webpage

When the LS is started it connects to the GS and listens for updates. If I chage this to when it starts up to listen on a socket for the "OurStuff" pushing out data on a socket would this work? Or do I have to implement a different interface than the DataProvider?