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    DataAdapterProvider WARN Unexpected update for item "_45821347"

    I'm opening subscriptions (by javascript) at startup of my app (which follows the dotnet remote portfolio example)

    when unsubscribing to an item or closing brutally the browser tab it shows:

    WARN Lightstreamer.DotNet.Server.DataProviderServer - Unexpected update for item _45821347
    the dotnet adapter log is getting flooded by those lines

    this warning stops throwing if I subscribe again to it

    else in LS java log, I see (at subscribe start time)
    27.mars.13 14:43:08,933 < INFO> Lightstreamer Server 5.1.1 build 1623.2 starting...
    27.mars.13 14:43:08,952 < INFO> Server "Lightstreamer HTTP Server" listening to *:8080 ...
    27.mars.13 14:55:26,995 <ERROR> Exception caught while subscribing to item '_45821347'
    com.lightstreamer.adapters.remote.RemotingException: Generic exception on remote side: Un lment avec la mme cl a dj t ajout.
            at ~[ls-proxy-adapters.jar:na]
            at$2.onReplyReceived( ~[ls-proxy-adapters.jar:na]
            at com.lightstreamer.adapters.remote.request_reply.RequestSender.onNotifyReceived( ~[ls-proxy-adapters.jar:na]
            at com.lightstreamer.adapters.remote.request_reply.NotifyReceiver.onNotifyReceived( [ls-proxy-adapters.jar:na]
            at [ls-proxy-adapters.jar:na]
    (translation: an element with the same key has already been added)

    is it normal? for the moment I'll try to make a filter in the log appender, but finding the reason would be good
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    The WARN message is due to update sent to the LS kernel for an item that is no more subscribed. All these updates are ignored by the server and cause only the reporting of the log line above . However, it would be better that the logic of your adapter avoids the sending of updates for Items no longer subscribed.

    Instead, the ERROR message regarding the "Generic Exception", is essentially due to the same reasons already discussed in this thread.

    Both the situations could be explained by the fact that in front of a request of "Unsubscribe" for an Item you do not stop the incoming stream from the external feeder. This involves both the arrival of updates for the no longer required Item and the error message when a new Subscribe for the same Item is processed.
    Please could you verify whether that applies to your case?

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    thanks fine, normally when Unsubscribe is called, (it depends of a 3rd party network library) it stops more or less fast the new updates, so it maybe it could complains for some seconds, but not continually, I'lll debug it
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