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    1 subscribe / client?

    It seems no more than 1 subscribe can be done inside a LightStreamerClient object

    I wanted to do a portfolio-like app, where you could independantly client.subscribe(account) to your clientAccount(s).
    If yes I'll manage all in one pipe, but too bad

    24.mars.13 23:30:44,438 <ERROR> Exception caught while subscribing to item '_70568929'
    com.lightstreamer.adapters.remote.RemotingException: Generic exception on remote side: There is already an open DataReader associated with this Connec
    tion which must be closed first.
            at ~[ls-proxy-adapters.jar:na]
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    This error message is not originated in Lightstreamer code.
    Here the Server just reports an exception caught on the Remote Data Adapter.
    It must be an exception thrown by your implementation of Subscribe (which, by the way, is not one of the expected SubscriptionException or FailureException).

    It could be an Adapter bug. As far as Lightstreamer is concerned, there are no restrictions on the subscriptions that can be performed.

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    yes thanks, it's fixed, I think it was due to the snapshot parameter, I understand its goal now




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