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    Usecase of MetadataAdapters

    from what i've seen, MetadataAdapters are used for receiving messages (sent by client's sendMessage) and managing the new session for a new subscription (acess, bandwidth,..)

    in my app, there can be a client A that will subscribe to "foo" and "bar", then another client B subscribing to "quux", the subscribe event is caught in the DataAdapter that will later send data to either "foo", "bar" or "quux"
    all "quux" updates are sent to only its subscribers, B for example

    So in this case with just pushing, DataAdapter does it all, I don't need to set up and launch a MetadataAdapter right? or I miss something

    i can pass more settings in the subscription name "foo|param1|param2" then unsubscribe and subscribe to "foo|param1|param3" if the client changes a parameter, ugly but it's ok no?

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