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    PUSH messages not working after converting flex web app to AIR

    hi there,
    i have a situation. recently i have been assigned to our existing Flex Project and i'm new to Lightstreamer.
    Its a FLEX Web application that was created using flex builder 4.6 (FLEX 4.6 SDK). Lightstreamer works properly as desired - no issues.

    Now, we have a requirement to convert our existing FLEX Web App into AIR. After doing so and making desired changes, everything works fine except Lightstreamer push messages to client i.e (AIR desktop App) (Lightstreamer is UP and running properly as it runs fine in Web version of the application). So, after a lot of digging into the code I found only one difference in code i.e our existing App uses the following line of code at certain places

    As AIR doesn't have such interface, so i'm wondering if this might be the problem. How can i fix this ?
    i have seen AIR Stock Demo ( also the source code samples provided in bundle as our company uses licensed version of Lightstreamer 5. but i'm unable to understand the issue as my code calls subscribeItems(..) the same way described in the demo.

    Please, help required as soon as possible. i'm stuck into this for days now.
    Any quick response will be greatly appreciated. thanking in anticipation.

    - Umair

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    the ExternalInterface calls are used by a flash application to communicate with the javascript that's in the page where the flash movie is.

    Our flex library does not require such method, so you should understand what is used for in your application keeping in mind that this is completely unrelated with Lightstreamer itself.

    On the other hand note that we also have a flash library that leverages our JavaScript library to get a connection to the Lightstreamer server using the ExternalInterface. I think that this library cannot be used in an AIR application.

    In any case neither of the two libraries contain a public subscribeItems method, so you should first clarify which library you're using.

    Flex Client Library:
    Flash Client Library:

    Please note that the Flex Client Library is not compatible with the standard Allegro and Moderato versions of the server.





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