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    Client Freezing Issue


    We are facing some issue during some cases in our system. The first issue is - in our server (not lightstreamer server 5.0) side we have a pause of 13 seconds (for some technical issue) which make other client request waiting. But when ever the pause ends the client freeze. And need to restart the client. We are not able to find out anything in the log. For simple explaination the overall system works this way -

    1. Client send request using Ajax to the server (not lightstreamer server),
    2. Then our server process the request (here we have 13 second of pause for some technical reason) and personalized,
    3. And then broadcast to lightstreamer server (5.0) and then to the client (6.0).

    My question is if the pause creates some kind of pile of messages to broadcast to the lightstreamer server 5.0 and the server pass it to the client 6.0. is the client unable to handle huge number of messages? Thanks.

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    Hi shabbirh,

    We are quite confident that the Lightstreamer JavaScript client library is sufficiently robust to withstand a large amount of data also.
    In order to better understand the case, what you are doing is a XMLHTTPRequest in synchronous mode that last for 13 seconds?

    In any case, you've got to ascertain whether when the client resumes, after the break of 13 seconds, the client-side session to the Lightstreamer server remains active or closed?
    Just a test to see what happens: can you try to close the Lightstreamer session just before the request blocking is processed and reopen soon after?





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