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    Problem with stopping LS server in Linux

    I managed to set up a LS server in Linux and it run well, but when I execute the shells to restart or stop it emits an error as follows :

    Stopping Lightstreamer Server...
    Communication error
    at$PeekInputStream.readFull y(
    at$BlockDataInputStream.rea dShort(
    at<init>(ObjectInputStream .java:277)
    at com.sun.jmx.remote.socket.SocketConnection$ObjectI nputStreamWithLoader.<init>( 354)
    at com.sun.jmx.remote.socket.SocketConnection.readMes sage(
    at tionOpen(
    at com.sun.jmx.remote.generic.ClientSynchroMessageCon nectionImpl.connect(ClientSynchroMessageConnection
    at onnect(
    at ct(
    at t(
    at com.lightstreamer.f.q.<init>(
    at com.lightstreamer.LS_Stop.a(
    at com.lightstreamer.LS_Stop.main(
    Shutdown request could not be sent to remote Server

    Do I miss something while installing LS server ?

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    The restart and stop scripts try to connect to Lightstreamer Server on port 9999 (or the port specified in the jmxmp_connector_port element within lightstreamer_conf.xml). Perhaps you have some personal firewall blocking this connection?



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