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    Question Can not Register Lightstreamer Moderato Successfully


    After downloading a Lightstreamer Moderato installation version, we try install it on Ubuntu 7.1 Linux Server. Our operation steps as below:
    1) Getting a free lience for our server MAC
    2) Configuring the lightstreamer_conf.xml
    3) Download the ***EzI6BlcQCbAInm7K.lic file and located at Lightstreamer_home\conf Dir
    4) Restart LS

    Current result:
    There are not ***I6BlcQCbAInm7K.signature and *****EzI6BlcQCbAInm7K.audit files at Lightstreamer_home\audit Dir. So the Server shut down after one hour from startup and three times per hour a message was broadcast to connected clients.

    How come this problem occured ?


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    Hi all,

    We've resolved this problem. In this case, if you meet same problem, following description can be reference. Thanks for this helpful infomation of LightStreamer below.

    If you are usign Java 1.4 or Java 5, your network card needs to actually be connected to a network so that the MAC address can be read. If you are using Java 6 or greater, you don't need a connected network to validate the MAC address.

    Again: Try to use Java 1.6 or greater.



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